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We supply instrument manufacturers world-wide with premium woods based on their design specifications. Instrument makers invest significant labor hours into their raw wood purchases, probably more than any other industry segment. For an excellent discussion on how moisture content can impact instrument manufacturing, check out this article



Ian Anderson                 Tony Ramirez and renown luthier Ron Thorn   

  selecting quartersawn             inspecting their 8/4 white limba order.                   

Eastern rock maple boards                                                                                   

for guitar neck production.                                                                                   




Wiped with denatured alcohol, this black limba billet shows ambrosia streaking and appealing grain contrast.





 High density Quilted Maple.


Above is a densely figured 8/4 Genuine Mahogany board with quartersawn grain orientation. 





Pau Ferro is exported to the United States in relatively small volumes. The pack above is 8/4 thickness.


This Korina board measured 2" thick x 15" in width by 15' in length. It had compression curl figure running the span of the board. In a word...spectacular.






These figured Cerejeira boards have beautiful running grain lines.


Other species available: Genuine Mahogany, African Mahogany, Basswood, 

Pacific Coast Alder, Bubinga, Poplar, Walnut, Limba, Korina, Cherry, figured woods and more. 

We manufacture neck blanks and body blanks to custom specifications.    


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